Friday, May 1, 2009

Cutting Coupons to Trim Your Budget

Maybe some of you grew up in a similar household - I'd remember coming home from school and watching my mom cut coupons at the table. I'd see coupons for 30 or 40 cents off, and remember thinking "That doesn't seem like a lot of money." Then, we'd go to the grocery store, and I'd watch my mom rifle through her stack of coupons and be so embarrassed. My mom was the Queen of Coupons.

Until recently, I pretty much thought coupons were a waste of time. But after I noticed the difference it made on my grocery budget, I thought it was worth the 10-15 minutes to save $10-$25 each trip! Typically, I get the Sunday paper (which I love to read with a cup of coffee anyway) and sift through the coupon section.

But there is a digitally savvy way to be a smart shopper now - online coupons. There are great sites like or You essentially just click on the coupons you want, print them out and start saving money on your grocery bills. Some sites like let you load the coupons on your grocery store savings card!

There's even coupons for organic food. I recently signed up at Kashi ( to receive coupons and already got one for a free frozen entree. According to a good friend, Amy's Organics also offers coupons if you just email their customer service department and ASK (thanks Stace!). That's all!

Any other good coupon collecting tips out there? Here's to eating well and saving money!

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