Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Okay, so now in my 4th month of pregnancy, the costs of reclothing my rapidly changing and growing body is starting to become more than I bargained for. Here's what I've done so far:

1) Invest in a BeBand - these things for me have been lifesavers! They are these stretchy bands that fit over your pre-preggo clothes when they become tight (meaning you have to unbutton or unzip your pants because you just can't suck it in anymore). They also act to hold up maternity pants that are just too big. Plus, for $17 at Target, it's a steal! I have them in 3 colors since I'm now at the point where I'm wearing them every day. I look at them as an investment - while they are not actually clothes I can wear, they extend the life of my prepregnancy clothes (as long as my hips don't get any bigger, which I'm sure they will).

2) Scour the sale racks at chain stores - particularly for layering staples, like tank tops and t-shirts. When it turned to fall last week in Seattle, Target put their maternity t-shirts on clearance, so I picked up 4 for $4.99 each. The nice thing about the t-shirts is they are a little long on me right now, which is fashionable anyway. But in a few months (weeks? oh geez), I'm sure the extra length will come in handy to accomodate my growing belly.

3) Received clothes from very generous mama friends - moms really are the best. They know exactly what you're going through, and they've saved clothes to give to people who need them! Thank goodness for my mama friends! :)

But even with all that effort, I've still managed to spend $200 on bands, shirts, and two pairs of pants (I got them for 20% off at Gap but still). Ugh! And I'm barely showing. A shirt I am thinking about spending my money on? This Buddha shirt from Lala Baby Boutique. Um, I'm sorry, but how cute is that?

So what gives mamas and dads out there? Am I doomed to spend a small fortune so I don't have to work in sweatpants? Any good maternity fashion (and budget friendly) tips for us mommies-to-be?


  1. Well, if you're thinking of having more kids, at least you can rest assured that you'll be able to use these clothes more than one pregnancy.

    I knew a friend who wore a lot of her husband's buttoned down work shirts because they were big on her. That with some leggings and she looked so cute!!

  2. Wish I had tips...but I can't wait to see what everyone else says!

  3. Newlyweds - wearing my husband's shirt with leggings sounds like a really good idea! I've always been opposed to leggings (figured they were best left to those under 13 or runway models), but I feel like now's a good time for me to revisit my youth. :)

  4. If you are going to have more kids, just know you can wear them again, now when that time comes you might get emotional and still want new, but you are carrying a little blessing in you that destroys your moods and body.=) You deserve that. Try to keep them in good condtion and then ebay them to others, donate to other friends when they have babies.

    I love the legging idea, with them being ever so popular, well here in Europe anyways, wear them with long shirts that are cheap. Do not just do sale racks, go thrift store!! You can find NON materinty clothes that are just bigger sizes and for pennies and dollars.

    This would only work for summer, but cute hippy like skirts, you know the long ones, that are going to stretch with you, you could still get away with those in the fall, would just need a sweater over the shirt.

    Maxi dresses? You will be comfy, they will expand with you and you can wear with cute business jackets for work, a lil sweater or jacket for out and about and nothing at home. I know in Seattle you will get a lot of rain. Check out bluebirdvintage, she has a blog and she dressed cheap and cute through out her whole pregnancy and just gave birth a month ago.

    Good luck with everything.

  5. There was just a post on this today that I saw that might help...

    Good luck!

  6. B - thanks for all the good advice and I love bluebirdvintage! Thanks!

    Millions - Love the post! Thanks for forwarding it to me!

  7. I saw this today and thought of you:

    Hope it is helpful!

  8. Thanks Meghan! Totally read it already! :) Love YHL!