Thursday, December 10, 2009

To Regift or Not to Regift?

Regifting. It sounds like a dirty word. To some people, it is a dirty word. But regifting can also be resourceful - it's a way of giving gifts you won't use to someone who will use and enjoy them. Treading the Regifting River may be tricky, so if you do choose to regift, here are some tips and rules of etiquette:

*Regifting should be done in a situation when it will not hurt or embarass the original giver. Think of how you'd feel if you found out someone gave away the gift you gave them. Maybe give in another circle of friends, a coworker, a neighbor, etc. If you have a pile of regifted gifts somewhere in your home, maybe think about keeping a list of who gave you what gift and when.

*Keep everything in its original package. It will be obvious something is a regift if the styrofoam packing is gone or the box is in poor condition. But then again, don't try and put it in a box from another retailer. What if the recipient tried to return it to that store? Embarrassing!

*DON'T regift something you've already used. Unless there is a special significance to the hand-me-down, don't do it. Tacky!

*Remember to present it as a new gift! Don't use the old wrapping paper or leave the old card on the's amazing that some people neglect to check things like that, but it has happened to me!

*Regifts can sometimes make awesome white elephant exhange gifts!

*If regifting is totally not an option for you, think about selling unwanted gifts on Craig's List, eBay or Amazon. Then use the money you make to buy real gifts!

Have you ever regifted or been on the receiving end of a regift? How did it work out?

PS - did you know the term regift originated in a "Seinfeld" episode? Elaine's boyfriend was a "regifter". Reason #173 I love that show!

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