Thursday, December 31, 2009

100! (continued)

Finishing what I started yesterday...ways to save money, #51-100!


51. Check out Travelzoo! They have great deals!

52. Try to get a hotel room with a mini refrigerator, and stock up on milk, orange juice, yogurt and other items at a grocery store so you can spend less money at restaurants.

53. Better yet, if you have a mini kitchen, you can try cooking instead of going out to eat!

54. Timing is everything - traveling in the off-season can save you a ton of money. Go to ski resorts in the spring, or go to Europe in the fall or winter.

55. Be flexible - changing what day or even time of day you fly can save you some cash. Websites like Expedia or Kayak can help you in your search.

56. If you want to try an expensive restaurant, try it for lunch instead. It's probably easier to get a table, and lunch almost always tends to be cheaper than dinner.

57. Don't spend your travel budget on your hotel - unless you're going to be doing much more than sleeping in your room, spend your money elsewhere. Wouldn't you rather go on a zipline and stay in a 2 star hotel than watch TV in your 4 star hotel? I would.

58. Check for membership or student discounts. AAA offers discounts on hotels, rental cars and even events, and student IDs can get you discounts at museums or other tourist attractions.

59. Look for mass transit options. If you're in a larger metropolitan area, chances are the mass transit options will be cheap and relatively easy. I got a MetroPass for the subway when I was recently in New York and it was way cheaper than getting a cab to all those destinations.

60. Join a rewards or frequent flier program. I have an Alaska Airlines credit card and it definitely helps scale down our travel expenses by offering companion fares and extra miles for every year you have the card.

61. Although it's probably not for me, you can have free lodging (and maybe even a car) if you're willing to swap houses with someone.

62. Make sure to set a budget and stick to it. It's easy to get carried away when you're on vacation and justify spending money you don't have. Decide what your priorities are and allocate money accordingly.

63. Really work on your packing. If you can pack everything in a carry-on, you can avoid paying $25 or more for each item you check. Opt for items you can layer instead of bulky sweaters that take up more room.

64. I like to pack multipurpose items when I travel - it saves space and it's cheaper than buying a specific item for everything. I use conditioner for shaving cream, I have a multiuse makeup stick for lipstick, blush and eye shadow...

65. You can see the world and do some good work for others by joining Peace Corps, Art Corps, or other service agencies.

66. Utilize your hotel shuttle service. Not only can they take you to and from the airport, but many can take you to other tourist destinations.

67. I love this tip from Wise Bread's 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget - eat soup! Soup is usually very cheap and very filling.

68. If you have to rent a car, rent the smallest one you can. The smaller the car, the cheaper the rate and the less you'll spend on gas.

69. Use search engines like Bing or Airfare Watchdog that shows you how flight prices are trending and will alert you when prices change.

70. Have fun! Don't obsess about saving every penny and ruin your vacation. Plan ahead of time, leave some breathing room in your budget for peace of mind and enjoy your time!

Personal Care

71. According to a study in Women's Health, most people waste 10-20% of grooming products because they use too much. Check out their suggestions on how much you should really be using.

72. Unless you have really oily hair, you may not need to shampoo it every day. You're stripping natural oils from your hair and you're wasting half of your shampoo! Plus, the more you shampoo it, the quicker you have to color your hair (if you do that sort of thing).

73. Keeping with the hair theme, you only really need to condition your ends, so don't fill your palm with conditioner and slather it over your entire head. It will make your hair greasy and again, you're wasting conditioner!

74. I know it's fun to get a mani/pedi once in awhile, but they definitely start to add up! An expert gives tips on a perfect at-home manicure and pedicure.

75. Start getting multipurpose makeup - as I mentioned earlier, it's great for traveling, but I use it at home. Check out NARS Multiple.

76. Unscented lotion, like Cetaphil, is great for everything. My husband and I use it for hand, body and facial lotion. It's cheap, it's effective, and if I wanted to wear a fragrance, I just layer it on top of the lotion.

77. Use toothpaste on pimples. Seriously! Make sure it's the PASTE and not the gel...

78. Try going to a beauty school to get your hair done. It might take awhile (lots of other people do this) but you can save a ton on haircuts and colors.

79. Drink water - this can save you a lot of money on skincare products and makeup because it flushes all the toxins out of your body and makes you feel great!

80. Laugh - you always look good when you're truly happy.

Shopping and Clothes

81. I love Fantabulously Frugal! She posts great deals on clothes, home items, and more!

82. I actually made money during the holidays because I shopped with ebates! Check it out!

83. Follow your favorite stores on Facebook or Twitter, or if you don't mind the added bulk to your inbox, submit your email address. You'll get head's up on sales or maybe even special coupons.

84. Launder your clothes less if you can. That is the fastest way to make your clothes look old. Sometimes, you can opt for the lint roller instead of the dry cleaner.

85. Invest in classic pieces made of quality materials instead of buying cheaply made clothes. They'll last a lot longer and you'll get a better bang for your buck in the end.

86. If you have a great pair of shoes, polish, shine and repair them instead of throwing them out.

87. Pay attention to how you wash your clothes - wash in cold water and inside out, and make sure everything is zipped up so things don't catch during the wash cycles.

88. Just with lots in life, timing is everything. Best time to buy jeans: October after all the back to school shopping is done. Best time to buy winter coats: February or March when the spring stuff is moving in. Do your clothing shopping in off season and you can score some great deals.

89. Make sure your wardrobe is versatile. Buy pieces that have more than one use or way to wear. Ladies - a little black dress can go anywhere - work, after work, parties, weekends, weddings...

90. Check out Frugal Femme's great advice on what you should have in your closet!

Health Care

91. Look into getting a Health Flexible Spending Account. Just like the Transit one, you save pretax money in an account you can later use to cover health care costs (even things like aspirin)!

92. If you can, opt for urgent care clinics as opposed to the emergency room. If your situation is an emergency, DON'T but many people could probably visit the urgent care clinic instead and save a lot of money in the process.

93. Keep an eye out for free things offered by drugstores and health fairs - free vaccines, free skin checks, free cholesterol checks are among some things you can probably get!

94. Ask your doctor to prescribe you a generic version for your prescriptions.

95. Even better, ask your doctor to give you free samples in lieu of buying your prescriptions.

96. Utilize your time wisely in a doctor's appointment. Make a list of all your questions to make sure you get everything answered.

97. If possible, see if you can set up a phone or email appointment with your doctor. It's free and it saves you a copay and a trip!

98. Drink coffee and wine! Studies have shown a glass of wine is good for your heart and having coffee may reduce your risks of getting Type 2 diabetes.

99. Drink tea, too! It's been shown to do many things, from help get over a cold to help with memory loss.

100. Staying healthy is the best form of prevention - eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

Okay, that's it! Hope this helps you think about how to save money in 2010! Wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy New Year!

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