Monday, March 15, 2010

Money Saving Websites

I just got my April Real Simple this weekend - does anyone else subscribe or read that magazine? I relax just looking at the cover. The minimalist design, nice fonts...but this is not about how much I love that magazine.

It is however about how much I love what they wrote about - the 10 best money saving websites! We've talked about and on this site before, but here are some great suggestions!

* - free shipping codes for more than 2,000 stores

* - discount codes for 50,000 stores!

* - register a new purchase at this website, and get an alerts if you're eligible for a refund if the price drops!

* - great site for online coupons, free samples and cashback opportunities

Definitely have to check those out! Other sites I love to save you money:

* - okay, okay, I'm blue in the face from telling you about how much I love Mint. But not only does it track your budget (having a basic budget is step #1 in having a good relationship with your money) but it shows you other ways you could be saving money with credit cards, banking, insurance and more!

* - go through to get cash back on purchases you make when shopping online! As if online shopping wasn't dangerous enough...

* - again, I have been talking about Groupon for 8 months now, but I still love it. It's a group purchasing site, meaning they have to sell a certain amount of groupons (say 75) and once they get 75 buyers, the deal is on! Among the muriad of things I've purchased from Groupon - a massage, two organic delivery service coupons, and a gift certificate for a restaurant. All for at least half off retail! Sign up for their daily emails!
Are there sites out there you frequent to save you some bucks? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. I've always had good luck with The website has a ton of information about good deals, discount codes, and sales. I also like for shoes-- they have a huge selection, offer free shipping and returns, and also have good sales. Happy shopping!