Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Resolutions

As I've mentioned before, I'm not so big into New Year's resolutions, but more birthday resolutions. Why? Well, for starters, January 1st is just kind of an arbitrary day. Yes, it's the first day of a new year, but it's pretty much just another day. Your birthday, though, is a whole new year for you. Plus, people never keep New Year's resolutions and I figured I'd keep myself more accountable and pump myself up for my new year if I had some goals to go with it. I do both financial resolutions and personal resolutions.

Birthday resolutions in past years:

*Have 6 months of living expenses saved - check!
*Increase retirement contributions by 5% - uh, still working on it
*Open a Roth IRA - ugh, no
*Make steps to become pregnant - check!
*Take 3 vacations a year - check!

So since I turned 29 a few weeks ago, I wanted to keep you up to speed on my resolutions for my year before the big 3-0.


PUT MY MONEY IN A ROTH IRA - this is in all caps because it has been a goal for almost 2 years and I haven't done it. Bad personal finance blogger, bad! It WILL happen this year, even if I don't put the max contributions in. I'm determined.

Start a college savings fund for our daughter - I'm assuming college costs will keep rising at their current rate of 7-13% every year, so by the time our daughter goes to college, it will cost an arm and a leg. We'll start saving now - money we get now for her will start going into a savings account, even though I'm not sure yet what savings account would be best.


Be the best mom I can be - I know to make goals achievable, they have to be SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). While this may not be a specific or timely goal, I'll hopefully be able to measure it in smiles. Wow - super cheesy! :) But seriously, my daughter is my number one priority, and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. Until she's a teenager - and then, I will not give her my credit card.

Run a half marathon - I've never been a runner. There was the time I ran track in 8th grade and I thought I had an asthma attack...turns out I was just out of shape. But I want to really push myself and see if I can do it. I've signed up for a race with my friends for Labor Day weekend and I'll be so proud of myself when I cross the finish line. I'm not doing it for time - I'm doing it for pride. And the chocolates and mimosas at the end of the race.

Okay, so there you have it! My two financial and personal goals for my 29th year!

Anyone else make birthday resolutions? How about sharing a few of your goals for the year?

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