Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans...

Sorry to start off with yet another apology for the lack of posts. My husband and I were in NYC for a week (two weeks ago...), and both Frugal Femme and I have been going through some life changes. I'll let Frugal Femme discuss her stuff when she's ready, but my husband and I found out 7 weeks ago that we're expecting our first child! It's been a VERY exciting time for sure! But it's also been exhausting (and I don't even have a kid yet!). But my first trimester is under my belt, and the second trimester has been so much better. I can't complain that much - I've had it pretty easy so far. I didn't really have any morning sickness, thank goodness. I had some pretty weird food aversions, but I still had an appetite. And now, I'm definitely in the "eating for two" stage.

Okay, so I know this is not a baby blog, so for those of you here for personal finance, we're still your gals! However, this blog has definitely evolved to include personal things that happen to me and Frugal Femme, so expect our future entries to reflect what's been going on in our lives.

So question for you parents out there: what would you suggest for a family getting ready to expand? Experiences to have? Things to do before baby? Amount of money to save? Things to straighten out?

My husband and I would appreciate any and all advice!


  1. Thanks Sonya! We're super excited!

  2. YAY congrats again! Jigga (sp?) says congrats too. Actually I think he said "NO WAY!" when I told him you two were expecting but I know he means "congrats."

    I have no advice to offer except check out Young House Love -- they just had a baby and are doing a great job saving money by minimizing all the redundant baby gear and doing DIY nursery projects.

  3. You can drop a ton of cash on babyproofing items (they add up fast). Some say to do it all ASAP before the baby comes since you might not have the time or energy to do it later. I think babyproofing through developmental stages is cheaper because you wont overbuy and it offsets upfront cost. Your newborn isn't going to be able to open a toilet seat for quite a while :)

  4. I had a few mom friends tell me about some great resales in the Portland area. I'm sure they have them elsewhere too. It's a great place to find swings, bouncy seats, clothes, etc. I liked the idea of 'recycling' that stuff and getting a great deal on things!

  5. Definitely figure out finances before baby comes. It is hot topic and the stress of money can be very stressful, on top of having a newborn.
    Things we wanted to do: Finish house projects and cross them off our list. Our list will only grow after baby comes, so starting with a blank slate is worth it. Take a vacation (ha).
    We are fortunate that most of our friends have babies/kids and can pass along their goodies to us. Purchasing from consignment is also a great way to save. Just be sure certain items are new (mattress, breast pump etc). Also, cloth diapering is a great way to save money.

    There are also saving accounts that are high interest and are not taxed if used for educational expenditures. It is pretty exciting! Fingers crossed that the time our kids go to college, it will be free. :) Congratulations again!

  6. Congrats! I just saw a pretty cool "Baby's First Year" calculator on It totally breaks down a lot of the needs/wants of a new baby and you can add and tweak the calculator to your specifications. I know we're using it when thinking about saving for a family.

  7. Thanks Brittney! I appreciate the link!

    And Alysia - totally looking into cloth diapers! A little more ecofriendly too (considering how much space disposable diapers take up in landfills). Have you found any good information?