Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meal Planning Challenge

I've finally gotten this meal planning thing done and I have to say, it's been going very well and we're saving lots of money. But I still have a ton of food in my cupboards, it's always stuff that I'm sure I'll eat at somepoint and never get to. I'm now using it as inspiration for my meal planning. All that food that's sitting in my cupboards is just wasting me money. It's good to have staples, but some of these things need to go!

As a new weekly feature, every Monday I will posting my five challenge foods for the following week and look for your suggestions as well as search through recipes and utilize sites such as Recipe Czar. I will post my menu and recipes for the following week on Friday afternoon.

The rules are easy. I must use the below five ingredients in meals for the following week. I can use them in any combination, like two in one recipe, but I must use them all.

Here are next week's challenge ingredients. As an FYI we are traveling for Turkey Day so we won't have any leftovers.

Panko Bread Crumbs

Sundried Tomatoes

Canned Chicken (really not as gross as it sounds)

Cranberry Sauce

Roasted Red Peppers


  1. Bread boneless chicken breast in panko and oven-roast. Serve as a sandwich with roasted red peppers or cranberry sauce, or make sundried tomato mayo.

    Canned chicken, mayo, curry powder, chopped nuts and/or celery and/or dried fruit makes a delicious chicken salad.

    Break chicken, pan-fry or oven-roast, serve over pasta with a sauce made from sundried tomatoes, olive oil, canned diced or fresh tomatoes, and capers and/or olives.

    Related tip: when you see something non-perishable or frozen that you like to eat and it's on sale, buy it. Then make most of your meals from your cupboard, and you'll always be eating only things that were bought on sale.

  2. Thanks Dave! Those are fantastic ideas. I especially love the idea of breading the chicken with panko. That would be yummy!