Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Deals

Just in time to start your weekend, here's some free stuff and good deals!

*Orange Julius - FREE LIGHT SMOOTHIE. I posted this last Friday, but since it's today, I thought you could use the reminder. Don't forget the coupon though. Get it here.

*FREE ROOTBEER FLOAT at A&W! It's their 90th anniversary and they're celebrating by giving everyone a small float from 2-8 PM.

*FREE MARS CHOCOLATE - go to their website for information on their Real Chocolate Relief Act. It's for the first 250,000 people every Friday, but it's worth taking some time to fill out some info for free chocolate, right?

*$2 OFF at Jamba Juice when you pair a meal and a juice together. Details here.

Enjoy! Have a good weekend!

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