Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 Ingredients, 40 recipes

So as much as I love talking about saving money, I also love talking about healthy cooking and living. (Ehem, I did just make two dozen Funfetti cupcakes just so I could bake and eat a few, but never mind).

Anyway, one magazine I love is Women's Health. They are a great mix of nutrition, workout tips, relationship, fashion, etc. They had a wonderful article a year or so ago on how to use 10 ingredients (plus pantry basics) to make 40 different, HEALTHY meals! First of all, I love this article because it reminds me of good staples to put in my kitchen - things like red wine vinegar, breadcrumbs, tortillas, chicken broth, etc. These things (although probably not put together) are definitely a skeleton for dozens of meals. Add a couple of canned or fresh ingredients and you have a great dinner!

But what I love most about this article is that it takes the guesswork out of leftovers. You can prepare turkey the same way and have about 7 different ways to use that same prepared turkey in other fun dishes. And by using everything you have in your pantry, you're saving money at the grocery store (or at least you're not wasting food you don't eat).

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