Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I love Podcasts

I love podcasts, because they are FREE and there are so many of them that I never run out of stuff to listen to. But, I'm finding that several people I talk to about podcasts really have no idea what they are or how to access them.

So here's my basic, not very technical explanation. A podcast is an audio or video digital file. You download them via iTunes or Zune Marketplace just like you would a song or tv show. Except they are FREE.

Podcasts are recorded regularly, usually once a week or even some once a day. You can subscribe to podcasts and iTunes or Zune Marketplace will automatically download it into your library for you. When you sync your device they will automatically sync as well. That way you make sure not to miss a single one.

So what kind of podcasts are out there??? The answer there is something for everyone, from knitting to humor to news to cooking and entertainment there are countless options. Literally thousands.

Also how long are podcasts? They can be anywhere from 1-2 minutes up to an hour or more. Popular tv shows like The Soup will have a 2 minute video clip, while NPR and other radio stations will have entire radio shows available. Of course there is plenty original content available, such as Adam Carolla whose show is now exclusively available via podcast.

Podcasts are perfect for riding the bus or train. Also they are great to hook up to your computer speakers and listen to while preparing dinner or cleaning the house. I even enjoy listening to them on long runs.

My favorite is The Splendid Table. It's called "The show for people who love to eat." They explore the history of various foods and explore cuisine all over the world. I learn a lot and am always inspired for a new dinner.

If you have a favorite podcast, please share in the comments below.


  1. "Today we are learning how to build a curry with award-winning teacher Raghavan Iyer, author of 660 Curries...." That gets me pumped for a jog....tell me more Raghavan.

  2. Podcasts can also be a great way to access premium content for free - Bill Maher's HBO show has a free podcast, for example. Yes, you miss out on the video component, but it's a talk show, after all, and why pay for premium cable just to watch a talk show?