Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Freebies and Deals

I love saving money - obviously. But I love it even more when saving money goes hand in hand with saving the environment. I honestly don't know why more people don't put an emphasis on going greener - it's good all around! As you probably know, Earth Day is coming up tomorrow, and some businesses are doing their part to get you to think about the environment AND take advantage of awesome deals!

*I found this hard to believe, but bring a beauty product container (empty or full) to your Origins store and get a FULL SIZED cleanser - either the Checks and Balances face wash or the Perfect World cleanser! Awesome, right? And it doesn't have to be an Origins product you bring in. And to think I was just about to go pay money for some more face wash...oh, and PS, any day of the year, bring in ANY cosmetic container to Origins (again, regardless of brand) and get a FREE sample of a skin care product as part of their Origins Recycling Program!
*FREE admittance to over 100 select U.S. National Parks, now through April 25th!
*FREE classes and a plant for kids at Pottery Barn from 11 AM - 3 PM on April 22nd.
*Send a FREE Earth Day e-card from the World Wildlife Fund.
*A chance to win a FREE reusable bag from Earthbound Farms when you answer 9 of 10 questions on a quiz right. Next chance to win is at this morning at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time!
*In a previous post, I mentioned the BBC's Planet Earth "Pole to Pole" episode for FREE, courtesy of iTunes. Download before April 26th.

I like Earth Day because it gives me a chance to refocus on doing good for the environment. I'm going to start bringing my personal mugs to coffee shops - it saves paper cups AND many cafes (including Starbucks) gives you a few cents off your drink! I'm also going to be much better about turning on the heat when I get chilled and reach for a sweatshirt (or Snuggie -ha!) instead.
What about you? What are your Earth Day resolutions?


  1. Nice!

    Another good deal for tomorrow - is offering 20% off storewide on all of their recycled office supplies!

  2. Awesome! Nothing like a good deal for a good cause. Over at AdRoll we're celebrating Earth Day by offering a free month of advertising for green businesses. (See details on our blog: We think it's important to reward those who are truly making a difference.