Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Entertainment Books!

So I'll be honest. When I first heard of entertainment books I incorrectly assumed that they would be a waste of money. Sure $25 sounded like a deal, but I thought the offers would be for places I'd never heard of or didn't want to try.

But then I thumbed through and I couldn't believe the savings! Only $25 for all this! The page of coupons for $5 of a purchase at any Safeway practically paid for the book itself. There are also great savings for movie tickets, the Zoo, popular theaters and the ballet. I could go on and on. Not to mention the great buy one get one free coupons at several places you already love to eat at. And because of the entertainment book, I've found some new places to try.

So bottom line, when the opportunity presents itself to get an entertainment book, do it!

I find that because there are so many offers it can be overwhelming, so I go through and take out all of the offers I will use and sort them in new categories that work for me. For instance, I divide the restaurant offers into breakfast lunch and dinner. I also sort them by area. I live a bit north of the city, so I sort them into Seattle and north end.

Also I have categories for groceries, health and beauty, indoor entertainment, outdoor entertainment, etc. I've found this make it easier for me to utilize the offers and the savings.

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  1. Good thoughts Frugal Femme! I also love my Entertainment book - if you want to order the 2010 copy, you can get the 2009 book free (just pay shipping). But be warned - most of the coupons are good through November 2009 so you only have a couple of months to use it.

    Go to www.entertainment.com for details.